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Yes, the poop sweats are real and there's finally an explanation

We’ve all been there… You’re driving down the road after a full-blown assault on an all-you-can-eat buffet, and you...

Storm Area 51 from the comfort of your home!

Storm Area 51 from the comfort of your home! How can a toilet paper tube, paint, and glue help you find aliens in you...

The truth is out there! FBI releases files on Sasquatch sample tests.

The FBI just released a correspondence file containing the results of tests performed on a sample tissue supposedly t...

Waterless Toilet Vaporizes Your Poop!

This Waterless toilet from WATER Labs doesn't require any water, plumbing or power! According to WATER Labs CEO Diana...

There's no poop like home!

When you return home, do you ever feel the sudden urge to poop? You are not alone! Julie Beck over at The Atlantic ha...

Don't blame the beans! How to eat the magical fruit so they won't make you toot!

Eating jelly beans instead of beans beans is one way! The other way to eat that magical fruit that is good for your h...

Fart Pills: Are they real, and can they save Valentine’s Day?

There are pills for everything: headaches, sleepless nights, high blood pressure, and now...farts? Yes, apparently s...

Man embarrassed to learn “poop knives” aren’t available in every bathroom.

What, you’ve never heard of a “poop knife”? Well, to be honest, neither had we here at Turdcules — and we’re connois...

5 Ways Turdcules Can Save Your Holidays

The holidays can be difficult to celebrate if things aren’t smelling great. Nothing can ruin a festive mood...
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