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Don't blame the beans! How to eat the magical fruit so they won't make you toot!

Eating jelly beans instead of beans beans is one way!

The other way to eat that magical fruit that is good for your heart, and won't make you fart...  

Look towards the wisdom of Ayurveda - a holistic Indian medicine practice.

Thanks to Kells McPhillips, we learned of the magic asafoetida powder.  This powder is extracted from the ferula plant, and is frequently blended with spices.

To clear the air, just add a teaspoon to your next batch o'beans.  Check out the full article here.

No matter how much air you have (or don't have) in there, remember that the steam coming off your sewer sausages will still smell.  Check out our 7 super-many toilet elixirs that form a defensive layer on your bowl water, and makes sure the steam coming of your boogies stays below the hard deck.

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