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Man embarrassed to learn “poop knives” aren’t available in every bathroom.

What, you’ve never heard of a “poop knife”?

Well, to be honest, neither had we here at Turdcules — and we’re connoisseurs of crap jargon.

But thanks to a hilarious story we came across in the UK’s Daily Mirror, we can say with some serious conviction that the poop knife is a novel, if not unorthodox, bathroom utensil.

Long story short, we all lay turds. Some of us, however, lay really big ones.

So big, they need to be cut in half to make it from the toilet bowl to the sewer system.

Hence, the poop knife.

The poop sweats are REAL!  Learn all about them! 

Read the full account here of how one house guest learned (embarrassingly) that the poop knife isn’t, as he put it, “standard kit” in bathrooms worldwide.


And if you’re in the business of dropping poop knife-sized bowel bombs, head over to our “Buy” page to learn more about our magical toilet elixirs.

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