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Storm Area 51 from the comfort of your home!

Storm Area 51 from the comfort of your home!

How can a toilet paper tube, paint, and glue help you find aliens in your own bathroom?

Its time to take on Area 51 and see what mysteries the government has been hiding from us. All from the safety of our own bathroom.

This year believers are celebrating a new kind of holiday. On September 20th they will be raiding the Nevada site Area 51. They can’t catch us all (famous last words).

Plus, you won’t have to make that 12-hour drive just to be killed and covered up. No with this we have found a great activity that is fun for the whole family.

See how to make them here thanks to Meaningful Mama!

Learn how to hide the evidence of your tiny brown visitors!

The poop sweats are REAL!  Learn all about them! 

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