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Yes, the poop sweats are real and there's finally an explanation

We’ve all been there…

You’re driving down the road after a full-blown assault on an all-you-can-eat buffet, and you feel a familiar warmth cover your body head-to-toe. Poop sweats.

Thanks to Reader’s Digest, there’s an explanation for this phenomenon!

According to RD, poop sweats are caused by the vagus nerve, which runs from your noggin down to your balloon knot. The sewer snakes you're birthing "stimulate" the nerve (yuck) causing what RD refers to as "poo-phoria." 

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Maybe you have the nervous sweats because you are worried someone is going to get a whiff of your sewer sausages?

Weird. Queue the slow clap for the word "poo-phoria," though. Well played, RD.

Whether you’re wondering why those hot wings hurt as bad coming out as they did going in, or why that mysterious turd is floating at the top of bowl like a surfaced submarine, you’ll find a full explanation here.


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