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There are very few with the guttural fortitude to tackle 20 nuclear wings, 30 raw oysters, 12 beers, 8 1/2 wine coolers and an entire pan of Cherries Jubilee and live to tell the tale. There are even fewer with the gall to survive the unrelenting fartillery barrage of molten-mud missiles reeking havoc the morning after. With Turdcules' "Craptain's Choice" Collection, we pay homage to one such fabled figure. Whether you're making wake with a posterior-porpoise or firing off a rectal-rocket, the Craptain's got you covered.

The Craptain's Choice Collection includes three 2 fl/oz bottles of Turdcules Toilet Elixirs - that's 300+ trips to the throne!


  • Turdcules Toilet Elixir - The Craptain's Choice Collection
  • Collection includes Pooseidon, Turdpedo and Turdally Awesome
  • 100+ Uses per 2 FL/OZ Bottle
  • Proudly Made in the USA
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